The things to come

Of course we know that our last blog post was actually way too long ago. Of course there is a lot we actually have to catch up with, but first things first. We are now sitting in beautiful Slovenia and our next adventure just started. We have rented an apartment for a few months in order to clear our minds for the things to come. It’s a beautiful place with nice views to the Slovenian Alps and the Sava river at the same time. So what are we doing here?

About 10 months ago we decided to change plans and head on west instead of going to Japan. So we circled around Mongolia for quite a while and went through Russia before the winter hit Siberia. So by the end of September we finally left this beautiful country with its amazing people. We took the route via St. Petersburg before we finally arrived back in Europe.


Klick here for the German version.


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1 year on the road

Robur Wohnmobil in Kazachstan Weltreise

Just 1 year ago we headed of to see the world. So far we...


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Yeah yeah...

Writing a blog weekly or even daily just doesn’t work too well. A blog entry including the homepage update does take a little more time when you are a rookie like me. Actually I wanted to write the last blog entry when we were heading back to Germany 2 weeks ago. Well, being the driver, it didn’t work out like I had planned. Ann-Katrin was asked to speak at a conference in Freiberg Germany. For that reason we actually went back to Germany for a week. The way there was actually quite interesting as well. I never thought that you would have to show your passport at the borderline to Germany. A result of the current situation in Germany and the EU. This of cause caused very long waiting times. Surprisingly at the Slovenian – Austrian borderline at the Karawankentunnel was very little traffic.


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Beautiful Slovenia

Last year already we came here for whitewaterkayaking and fell in love with this little country. So we decided to meet our next visitor on the coast line of Slovenia.

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Online reservation ???

We left Venice to follow the italien Adria coast line to the borderline of Slovenia right after Trieste. We wanted to get to a really nice place on the 47km long coast line of this little country. At this place we have already been on our last trip to Slovenia. An old friend from home was supposed to meet us there.

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