Beautiful Slovenia

Last year already we came here for whitewaterkayaking and fell in love with this little country. So we decided to meet our next visitor on the coast line of Slovenia.

When Kerstin arrived we had another perfect weekend on the adriatic coastline including a waterfront spot and perfect weather. After 2 days we left towards Ljubliana and stopped at Postojna cave. Tourists come here for more than 800 years to visit this stunning cave. Going inside you take an elektric railway for the first kilometers and than walk through the amazing halls. Definitely worth a visit! The nearby castle was built partially into a cave as well and is just as amazing.

Ljubliana became our favourite smalltown throughout the past years. With only 270 000 inhabitants it is just a lovely city. The castle right above city centre, throning on a lilltle hill, allows a perfect view on the whole city. Within walking distance to city centre you can still park for 2,5€ the day! Don’t miss the beautiful old town, the castle, the old market and the tivoli park. In Metelkova the alternative community gets together every night. This place was taken over many years and occupation is tolerated by the city. A few clubs, bars, exhibittions and workshops make this place quite cool.


In just 1,5 hours by car you get to the julian alps. We had planned a 3 day hiking trip through the Logarska vally up the the Kaminski Saddle. The forecast predicted good wheather for the next day. So we made up our way to the first hut in quite nasty conditions. The Rinka waterfall still was very nice though. The next morning didn’t look any better so we had a bunch of coffee with the owner of the hut and finally decided to make our way back down. Still a nice trip!


The next morning Kerstin already left. All by our selfes we actually had to think about what to do now. After all we quickly got busy again. The todo list didn’t get any smaller while Kerstin, Markus, Andreas and Julia were with us. When we left home we had a quite large stack with things we would have to finish on the go. So first of all, I got our little Simson moped to run and went on a little test ride with her. After that a vew pair of ski and snowbaord waited for the finishing touches. The service was done by Miha Murovec. He is one of the coaches for the slovenian skiing team. Thanks Miha for taking your time for us!!!


So again we have to say it’s not only the beautiful country! The peaople are just as nice. We are happy that we can come back to this place after our short trip to germany.


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