1 year on the road

Robur Wohnmobil in Kazachstan Weltreise

Just 1 year ago we headed of to see the world. So far we...


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Up high in the green truck

Georgia Borjomi Batumi

While travelling there are lots of possibilities to spend the day. To get in touch with the country and its people you spend most of the time. Beside that there are truck days, WiFi days, shopping days and driving days. Driving days are usually long and annoying due to the fact that you only want to reach your destination.

The driving day ahead of us this time wasn’t looking all that bad. 210km from Borjomi to Batumi and followed by relaxing on the beach. That’s what we expected but certainly we forgot Georgia in our plans…

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Whohooooooo! My feet are still tickling!


We are in Gerorgia. At the Caucasus. Exactly in Gudauri.


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Georgia, Bernds and Gagimardschos


For sure there are not many things inspiring me to write! Beeing asked to write the second guest entry on this blog is definitely one of those though. So this was the point of time for me to quit talking and start writing.

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