Visa information for our fellow travelers

Dear fellow travelers and interested readers. As we have not gotten any Visa before we left Germany we have to get all of them on the way. For most of the preps we have used which will provide up to date information. Please find our experiences on all Visa issues listed below by country in alphabetical order.



(April 2016)


We applied for Azerbaijan Tourist Visa in Tbilisi, Georgia. It took about a week.


You need:

  1. filled in application form,
  2. passport copy,
  3. hotel reservation (see below),
  4. 2 pictures,
  5. 50€ pp


The process: Go there with all your documents in the morning. You’ll have to leave your Passport for 1 day for registration. With a little convincing they said we could get it in the afternoon. We couldn’t. So the next morning we got it back and were told to pick up the visa in 1 week. The hotel booking was a mid-price Hotel in Baku on which we cancelled after getting the visa. They speak English. You have to pay at bank which is quite far away from the embassy. You’ll need quite some time walking, better take a taxi as they know here this bank is. Georgian cash needed.


The embassy: 41°41'14.48"N, 44°49'05.47"E


The bank: 41°41'09.93"N, 44°49'50.3"E



If you will stay more than 10 days in Azerbaijan you have to register.

Unfortunatelly we didn't know. So we could choose between a fine of 200€ pp or we will not be allowed to enter the country for min. one year.




(March 2016)


Batumi – Visa application



We applied and picked up the visa in Batumi. It took 9 or 10 days.


You need:

  1. Picture,
  2. 50€
  3. a pen.

No Registration number was required.


The Process: Just go there, fill in the form, go pay and pick up the Visa later. Pictures were even without scarf.  The staff was very friendly and English speaking. You have to pay at the bank which took us some time. So come before 11 as they are closing at 1pm. To find the Bank, hang a right coming out of the consulate, another right at the next street and you are heading straight towards the bank at the end of the street. Draw a number, pay in Euro, go back.


The consulate: 41°38'47.71"N, 41°38'03.28"E


The bank: TBC at 41°38'41.96"N, 41°38'09.19"E



Hamedan – Visa extension



The extension office is close to the Ibn Sinan monument in an unmarked building. Doors were closed, no signs. I think we passed 3 times before we found it. Process was easy and straight forward. Just go there, bring passport and pictures. They will ask a few questions in English. We payed 345IRR at the bank and another 20IRR at the police station for the folder. In total it took us an hour.


Extension office: 34°47'33.88"N, 48°30'29.73"E


Bank: Melli Bank at 34°47'31.76"N, 48°30'47.32"E



Bojnurd – visa extension



The extension office is a little outside of the city together with a lot of other police buildings. The staff was not very motivated and did not speak English. No questions were asked. We went to pay and they gave us the extension after 2 hours of waiting. Only pictures, copies of all farse passport pages and payment necessary.


Extension office: 37°27'36.79"N, 57°16'53.34"E


Bank: Melli Bank at 37°28'36.28"N, 57°18'44.55"E




(June 2016)


We applied for transit Turkmenistan in Tehran. It usually takes 10 days. Ours was refused.


You need:  

  1. a letter of no rejection from the German embassy which was 25€ pp,
  2. 2 pictures,
  3. two copies of filled in application form,
  4. 2 color copies of the passport including the following visa und the current one.


As our transit visa was refused. We had Stantours apply again for a 5 day tourist visa which was also refused. Costs: they wanted 50€ for the service.


The embassy: 35°48'17.3"N, 51°27'08.52"E




(June 2016)


We applied first in Baku online at When we wanted to pick it up in Tehran, nobody knew about anything and certainly not about online applications. So we had to apply again in Tehran which took 8 days again but was successful.


Your need:

  1. filled in application form,
  2. 2 pictures,
  3. letter of no rejection from German embassy,
  4. copies from passport,
  5. 75$ in cash


When you have all the documents, just go there and apply. You’ll have to wait outside on the stairs until it’s your turn. They speak English but are quite unfriendly.


The embassy: 35°48'15.27"N, 51°28'33.18"E



(September 2016)

Visa on arrival up to 90 days at the airport.


You need:

1.    passport
2.    money (15 days – 25$ US, 30 days – 40$ US, 90 days – 100$)


We applied for 90 days. First you have to scan you passport at the machine in front of the windows. You have to fill in the time you apply for and the place where you will stay. At the counter to your right you have to pay. US $, Euro or Rupies are fine. They don’t like credit cards but accept them as well. It worked with the MasterCard, we are not sure about the other ones. At the passport control you will get your visa.