No Visa for Turkmenistan

Shipping Robur LO Wohnmobil Iran Bandar-e-Anzali nach Kazachstan Aktau

Just like we have already told you, our plans are on a constant change. Still our plan, right now, is to leave our little green home in Kirgizstan for the winter. Before we do that we are still to meet Joergs parents and another friend in Kazakhstan. So while we were cruising through Iran our visa for Turkmenistan was rejected.

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1 year on the road

Robur Wohnmobil in Kazachstan Weltreise

Just 1 year ago we headed of to see the world. So far we...


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Faces of Iran

What makes Iran so special? The answer is easy: It’s the people! In none of the countries we visited before, people waved at us so often. “Welcome to my country!”, “Where are you from?”, “Can we take selfie?”…  I think Iranians took more pictures of us than we of them. We got so much food and gifts. If we stayed longer we would have to get a trailer to carry all the presents. We were invited for lunch or dinner to their houses almost every day.  

We spent lots of time with these great people. Here we can show you only a few of them. However THANK YOU ALL! We had an outstanding time…

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So what’s up now with this Iran, nobody is really talking about?

After spending a little more than 2 month in Iran we have now left the country. A really beautiful and particular interesting country. It might was the most interesting on our route so far. Maybe that is the reason why it was the most exhausting as well. After 2 month of Iran we are ready for a break. It was not only exhausting because of the countless impressions, but because of the people. This might sound a little negative but truly is a huge compliment to the Iranians. Travelling in Iran means having countless new encounters, countless invitations  and a ton of presents every day, because we were guests! Finding a place for the night at a complete strangers house is simply a lot easier than finding a campsite where no fruits and gifts are brought to your door. As an individual traveler it is like paradise as you get all the insights of so many families so easily.

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A knot is not the solution

Tschador Frauen im Iran

When crossing the Iranian border my clothes had to change completely. We have 20°C. Usually time to wear flipflops and shorts, but not in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Long pants for man and woman, long sleeves that cover your ass twice and a scarf are mandatory!
Well, we knew it. We could have stayed home as well. So let’s just call it an experiment.

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Getting in the saddle on sunrise

Iran Zanjan Schäfer Esel

While some go working all day long and others really dig into their Master theses we are on vacation. So pretty much we are doing nothing most of the time, you think. But what exactly are we doing now with all that free time.

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All new in May

We’ve heard a lot. We’ve read a lot. We’ve been warned a lot and we felt a lot of excitement. Of course we were really curious what the Iran was going to be like. We’ve expected a lot and got overwhelmed. Iran is one of the most interesting countries we’ve ever visited so far. Besides the chaotic traffic, pretty much everything is new for us in this country.

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