The list of stuff to prepare is amazingly long. We intentionally  don’t want to call this a round the world trip, as we know that we can cannot see the world in this short period of time.

For us it is more like a new phase of life which we we want to enjoy just as much as the “old one”. It is not about seeing  a lot in little time. We just want to do this as we have done on our previous trips. Just roughly set up a plan and here we go. Many of the detours we took, caused by the lack of knowledge, we would never want to miss out. So we will do this equally. The rough plan is: 4 months in southeast Europe, 3 months to the black sea another 5 to the lake Baikal. End of plan.

It is hard to put all the preps in words, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Get insane in the eyes of your friends
  2. Find a place where you want to go
  3. Save some money
  4. Have the guts to quit your job (after you saved the money)
  5. Get rid of all your stuff and the apartment (or find somebody that takes care of it)
  6. Quit doubting the plan
  7. Take off


Sounds easy? It is a kind of. We don’t really intend to say you should just go! We prepared this rather carefully. Saved our money including some reserves, built our truck and tested it! Most of all though we thought about what kind of backup we need in case we decide to quit. It is just you, who has to decide how many insurance contracts, retirement plans and loopholes to your old life are necessary. We rented out our little home in Worms (yes, still spelled like the game) and quit our jobs. Right now we do not intend to come back to Worms as we would like to start new jobs in the future. Should one decide to quit the trip and go back home, you have to life with what you left.