Why a Robur?


Simply BECAUSE ...!!! It‘ s actually quite easy to answer. I grew up with this truck. I had my first driving experiences with this kind of truck at the age of 7. Later on my dad and I did a full restoration on K27 which is one of the earlier models of the same manufacturer. Technically very similar to our truck.

The actual reason why we bought this truck was the following:

“Ouuhhh… This one looks sweet.”

So we call him “cookie” as he has a very cookie like face.

Further it is a rather lightweight chassis with 4 seats, 4 wheel drive and reasonable dimensions. It is built on a very flexible frame which allows him to take some quite serious terrain. There are no diff. locks in the axles, but the transmission for the 4WD has no diff.

When we put the Mercedes engine in, we moved it forward and created some more room in the cab. It has been partially rebuilt to apply noise cancelling mats all over.  This allows a decent noise level at the travelling speed of 80 km/h.  Seats are now comfy ISRI seats.

The chassis itself is mostly original. Changed diffs and larger tires for lower engine speeds besides a larger diesel capacity and some storage space at the sides is about it.

The original platform was taken off and a new one build lower and flexible to prevent tensions of the frame going into the cabin was built. The cabin is a former camper without axle and hitch. There are 3 solar panels one the roof with a total output of 460WP.

Inside everything is fully rebuilt. New insulation on the floor, a cork top, new furniture, the water reservoir and the spare tire is inside. The droors are made of standard boxes to create a little flexibility. Underneath the seat is a compressor fridge, two batts and the electronic stuff.  As heater we have a smell wood stove and an airtop 2000. In total 10kg of propane are used for cooking and heating water. The shower is right in the entrance to the cabin as it allows you to shower outside.

The whole built is more low-tech and low-budget project. We have taken our time and carried out almost everything ourselves.  Of course with the help of our friends parents and grandparents. So this this is where we would like to thank everybody for the efforts and the blast we’ve had. In detail this would be our families, our friend Bernd, our friends in and around Mannheim and the GEFAS GmbH Roßla.