1 year on the road

Robur Wohnmobil in Kazachstan Weltreise

Just 1 year ago we headed of to see the world. So far we...


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A story of crescent, salt and outside drum brakes… part 2

Robur LO Cappadokien Zapp
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A story of crescent, salt and outside drum brakes… part 1


This time we would like to tell you about a country which is not even a 100 years old. A country which is extremely proud on its young history. A country where the national flag is shown everywhere and anytime. A country with a lot to offer. Of course you guys know we are in Turkey. For a good reason this country is one of the favorites for German travelers. So maybe you guys can find a few spots to remember or to put on the next travel itinerary. It’s definitely worth it.

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"green Bursa"

Simson Schwalbe Bursa
Also Johanna got the necessary attention.

So after we finally crossed the Bosporus on wheels as well we went straight towards Bursa. We had enough of big cities and red a lot of advertisements about the “green Bursa”. Right on the side of the Uludag National Park and inbetween nice coastline and mountains.

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After spending about 2 weeks in Turkey already our Kalimera slowly becomes a merhabe. The seventh language we get to try on our trip so far. So actually we have already picked up a bunch of Turkish words …to forget them over night. While it was quite easy for us on the Balkan states, as they all speak a kind of Serbo-Croatian language, it is getting harder since Albania. We experience quite a hard time trying Turkish as it is quite different from all languages we know so far. Over all it is quite different so far. Our first surprise we got right away on our border crossing.  A crowd of finely dressed men and woman came up to us and gave us flowers. We had quite a hard time to find out that it was international customs day.  Anyway …as they were finely dressed our truck didn’t get scanned.


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