Well... let’s get straight to the point! Whoever doesn’t want to cadge, borrow the money or won in the lottery has got to save the money. This excludes of course all of you guys that already receive their  well deserved retirement.

Our Plan worked as follows:

We decided that 1 year would be too short, two years somehow too short as well. So three years it would be! 3 year, 36 months or 1068 days sound a lot but they are actually not. It has always been quite hard to find some decent information about the cost of a trip similar to this one. So we don’t want to make a big fuzz out if it. Her is the deal: 1000 to 1500€ per month is value we have often heard and seen. The largest part of this will probably be consumed by our little green travel mate. Whatever is left, will have to be enough for the two of us. The fuel efficiency is not world class, but OK for a truck this size: 13mpg. Updates will be given whenever we have some experience.

So we started saving money  quite some years ago to be able to afford this. Pretty much cut everything that we didn’t need and carried out all works ourselves. The largest part was our working hours though. We’ve been working a lot … at least it felt that way. So whoever now wants to start fingerpointing, saying his salary is too bad: Please feel free to do so! At the end of the day, the question is not if it is possible, it is more how it can work!       

Here is were you can get some more information http://weltreise-info.de and www.eardex.com.

The key to success is in your hands. So shake the bunch of M&Ms inside your head until the puzzle works out for you! The best way is not always a straight saving plan. Sometimes it helps to think outside the box.