Bike vs bus

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Riding the tractor - a Royal Enfield story

buy a Royal Enfield in India

Actually I never wanted to go to India. Actually I really hate large crowds of people. India is actually not even on our route and actually things never turn out the way you expect them to. As we have spent a lot of time on the Balkans and got lost in Iran we had to figure out a plan for the winter. Spending wintertime in Mongolia and Siberia just didn’t seem to be the right option for us. So Ann-Katrin offered to buy an Enfield for me if we could go to India. As we were going to Nepal to do the Annapurna anyway ,this was actually a quite good option for us. To be honest: the conversation was done when the word Enfield was spoken.

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A Trip to a different world – Nepal Nepal Royal Enfield Ann-Katrin Knobloch Jörg Hund

The Himalayans, the rooftop of the world, 8000m high, several base camps, trekking, people going to their limits. Stuff like that that was going through our minds when thinking about this country.

No travel guidebook can really tell you what Nepal is really like.

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Do Nepal

Nepal Ann-Katrin Knobloch Jörg Hund Royal Enfield Robur Wohnmobil

After just about three months in Nepal, huge amounts of Momos and Dal, countless visitors and even more altimeters, we have finally left another country behind. Of course we haven’t seen it all, but it was enough for time being. Plus, our visa was running out. We had seen a lot, not all of it of course. So we headed out on a borderline to the south which was quite unusual, even for us. Time to tell you our Nepal favorites.

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Kathmandu - an overwhelming city

Kathmandu Royal Enfield Ann-Katrin Knobloch Jörg Hund


Right from the start the impressions are overwhelming, already while you are still about to land at the Kathmandu Airport.

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Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak … Annapurna Trekking

Annapurna saltedlife 8 people Ann-Katrin Knobloch Jörg Joerg Hund

Everyone was very excited for September 4 to arrive! Why? Because Jürgen and Wendy were expecting six friends to visit them from Germany. The group to travel with for the next three weeks was made up of (besides Jürgen and Wendy of course): Sascha (aka Willi), Nicole (aka Nicoletta), Caroline (aka Mr. Mo), Falko (aka Falilo), Torben (aka Turbo) and Alex (aka Karli). An excellent setup which would guarantee plenty of fun and bullshitting over the weeks to come. The goal was simple: to hike the Annapurna Circuit. The Annapurna Circuit is a hiking trail that leads around the Annapurna range. It is supposedly one of the most beautiful hiking trails worldwide. About 220 kilometers in length, it passes two of the sixteen highest mountains on the planet (the Annapurna I whose peak sits at 8091 meters and the Annapurna II which is 7937 meters high). We were planning to hike for 18 days from Besisahar to NayaPul. We decided to hike in September even though it was still the end of the monsoon season. But the advantage was that the trek was much less crowded because Oktober/November are high-season.

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Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Momo Pakoda Pakora Nepal Robur Wohnmobil

Yes... We know...

Right now we need too much time for new blog posts. But imagine:

A cold beer, your family or friends, which you didn't see for tooooo long and the sunset behind the river or the mountains.

Sorry, but sometimes prioritiy is somewhere else than online.

Long story short. You still have to wait for the pictures of our great trekking tour and get the latest news first.

But don't worry, the news are really tasty!

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