Who we are...???

…we’ve been trying to figure that out for quite some time now, but we’ll give it a try:


Born in Rhineland Palatinate and grown up in the quite adorable city of Herxheim.  Half of her childhood she spend on horses vaulting. While she was at college going for mechanical engineering she met Joerg and somehow got stuck with him.


...was born and raised in the (propably) smallest metropole in the world called Hainrode (Südharz).   Grown up with bikes, tractors and trucks he soon got addicted to the hobby. Met Ann-Katrin in college as we attended same classes for a couple of years.

After college both of us ended up the power station business. Ann-Katrin was doing the maintenance for a waste-to-energy boiler and Joerg commissioning works for turbines. Since the end of college six exciting years have passed in which we tried use every single day of vacation to get out into the world. We’ve done a bunch of exciting stuff like travelling with a tractor to Germany, climbing the highest mountains of Slovenia, riding a moped through Cambodia or watch whales on a lonesome beach in Norway. The days of vacation you get are just not enough, So this is the point of time where we want to have a little more. The plan is to travel for the next 3 years with of course the limiting factor: money. So 3 years sound long but we actually do know that it’s impossible to experience the whole world in this period of time.


This is why we try to avoid the term round-the-world, because it is just not. We intend to see more nature and people rather than touristic sights. Generally we plan little and choose our destination according to our mood. We get tickled when we read about stunning nature off the beaten tracks. We want to see the parts of the world as they are.  The best spots and people you can usually find on an unplanned deviation.

For all of you that already know us. Thanks for the honest opinions and the reactions. We are looking forward to your many visits.