Tanks in city center

Again we have used a visa completely. Again we have gotten a lot of experiences and again we have a couple of more stories to tell. After entering Kazhachstan between Bishkek and Almaty we have taken the direct way towards Astana. That was quite boring as it was pretty much steppes and small towns. After a few days we arrived in Astana.


Hier gehts zum deutschen Beitrag.

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Moped vs 5tonner

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Bike vs bus

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A horse with no name.

Sharyn Canyon Kazachstan

After we have dropped of my parents at the airport it took exactly one coffee until our friend Maria arrived to the airport of Almaty. It was right at sunrise when she finally made it out of the baggage claim area to end up in huge crowd of waiting people. Amongst them, it was of course us, an old school friend and his faïence. Maria was going to spend a whole week with us in the hotel. That morning though, we just headed out a few meters to catch up with some sleep. Once we had finally crossed that off the list we could really hit the road. So we were still in Kazakhstan, still in Almaty, still in summer and still didn’t know much about the country.

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High season in Hotel Coocie

Robur Wohnmobil LO Kirgistan Jeti Oguz mit Eltern


As we got to be the last visitiors in Hotel Coocie we would like to use this opportunity to tell you all about it.

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No Visa for Turkmenistan

Shipping Robur LO Wohnmobil Iran Bandar-e-Anzali nach Kazachstan Aktau

Just like we have already told you, our plans are on a constant change. Still our plan, right now, is to leave our little green home in Kirgizstan for the winter. Before we do that we are still to meet Joergs parents and another friend in Kazakhstan. So while we were cruising through Iran our visa for Turkmenistan was rejected.

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1 year on the road

Robur Wohnmobil in Kazachstan Weltreise

Just 1 year ago we headed of to see the world. So far we...


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