"green Bursa"

Simson Schwalbe Bursa
Also Johanna got the necessary attention.

So after we finally crossed the Bosporus on wheels as well we went straight towards Bursa. We had enough of big cities and red a lot of advertisements about the “green Bursa”. Right on the side of the Uludag National Park and inbetween nice coastline and mountains.

Turns out, Bursa is the thrid largest city of Turkey – 3.000.000 inhabitants. So pretty much on the last chance we stopped on the coastline before entering the urban area. With the permission of the guard we found a quite little spot on the parking of a marina. Later that night we had somebody knocking on our door. Serhan and Filis just wanted to have chat and invited us for dinner the next day. As it was not overwhelming enough they agreed to show us the city on the weekend.  In the meantime we headed to a smalltown called Trilye. It didn’t take long to meet Bora, his wife and their son. We parked our camper right next to theirs enjoying this beautiful place.



On our way to Bursa my brakes gave me a hard time. So after our tour thruogh city center we decided to take advantage of the infrastructure. So the following days I was working on the truck. At the end it would take me 5 days to get the brakes and a million other things fixed before we decided to move on.




Back in Greece already one of my front whels blocked while roling on a parking lot. After opening the drum I found the brake pads fallen apart. Of course Saturday morning. With some effort I found a place that would fix it on the same day already. On the way to Istanbul it turned out that the new brake pads they put in were way too soft. Quite aggressive brakes didn’t make drinving in Istanbul easier.  Thanks to Kerstin and my uncle, spare parts were with me in no time. So we had discovered the workshops of Bursa and decided to get (almost) everything on my list done. After 4 days of work I now have black hands again, new brake pads, new brake cylinders, new fluid, adjusted engine valves, a welded and extended frame, new diesel lines, a million other small things and a freed mind.


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