A horse with no name.

Sharyn Canyon Kazachstan

After we have dropped of my parents at the airport it took exactly one coffee until our friend Maria arrived to the airport of Almaty. It was right at sunrise when she finally made it out of the baggage claim area to end up in huge crowd of waiting people. Amongst them, it was of course us, an old school friend and his faïence. Maria was going to spend a whole week with us in the hotel. That morning though, we just headed out a few meters to catch up with some sleep. Once we had finally crossed that off the list we could really hit the road. So we were still in Kazakhstan, still in Almaty, still in summer and still didn’t know much about the country.

Having that in mind we headed out to the next best lake to have a good rest and a swim for that day. As we only had just about one week to be back in Almaty we decided that our best option is a trip around the Qapschagai lake. This trip got us through some amazing and surprising landscapes and places.

Our next stop was called the singing dunes of Altyn Emel National Park. This was really an awesome experience. Once registered at the park office we were assigned a park ranger which would come with us to the dunes. Unfortunately he wouldn’t allow us to camp at the dunes, but it was all worth it. The next day he showed us around to the Aktau and Katutau Maintains. On the way there he showed us the wildlife of the park including some Kazakh wild horses and Przewalski horses that are to be reintroduced to the park.


Already on the way back we stopped at the Kazakh Sharyn Canyon. Not quite as big as the grand one, but just as amazing. We spent the night with our great neighbors from France with an amazing view just above the canyon.


The last stop before returning to Almaty turned out to be quite a mistake. The Kolsai Lake was just not worth the detour. Back in Almaty we just enjoyed two days of city life before our last visitor went back home and we headed off south.


Within just 3 days we were to reach Osh in Kirgistan as our beloved home will be parked there for the winter. We think we found a perfect spot to leave it. In any case he is parked dry and safe and it will take at least half a day to get him out of there.


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