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Georgia Borjomi Batumi

While travelling there are lots of possibilities to spend the day. To get in touch with the country and its people you spend most of the time. Beside that there are truck days, WiFi days, shopping days and driving days. Driving days are usually long and annoying due to the fact that you only want to reach your destination.

The driving day ahead of us this time wasn’t looking all that bad. 210km from Borjomi to Batumi and followed by relaxing on the beach. That’s what we expected but certainly we forgot Georgia in our plans…


We slowly wake up, make coffee and enjoy the spot we spent the night at in a green, silent forest. Yesterday, in the evening, we took a bath in the hot springs of Borjomi and went home straight away.



Start the engine. After a short stop at the information of the national park Borjomi, which is still closed at this time, we are on the road.



The road is good and we reach Achalziche very fast.

Here we find the first surprise. A huge fortress thrones above the city. We really don’t want miss this. For the rest of the driving distance we have enough time so we can stop for a while.



We are on the road again. Which is now a slippy, trail. Anyway, we have to climb the pass (2025m).



Still climbing the pass beeing tortured by the bad road. In the forest everything starts to grow and is shining in a fresh green color. The road became a little river now, due to the melting water of the snow high up in the mountains.



We really reached the pass. While there was a lot of sun during the last days we have snow higher than Coocie at the top of the pass.


Straight after the pass I left the car and now meet Jörg again for a cup of tea. Out of a sudden there was a ski track and a cable car beside the road. It would have been a shame if I passed this last chance for snowboarding this year. While I’m boarding, Jörg and Coocie had to roll down the muddy road slowly. At the end of the ski track we meet again as well as three cyclists. They are cycling all the way from the Netherlands (wegenvandewereld.nl) eg. Belgium (sharebybike.com) and intend to go further than us.

Just started to roll again, we are stopped by a group of Georgian guys. They are here for a Sunday trip and happy to invite the strangers for a glass of wine.
There are only 120km to Batumi and 30km to the good road left, they tell us.


The area around starts to be fresh green again. Everywhere you here the water from the top of the mountains. On the one hand, wonderful waterfalls falling down to the river that is following us. On the other side of the road these beautiful waterfalls create mudslides eventually blocking the road. Of course today as well! The locals seem to be used to this and clear the passage very fast. How a simple Ford Transit manages this road will remain unknown.

The road starts to be better, but since a while we skipped the plan to reach Batumi this evening. So we are a bit late, but a Katchapuri for lunch is always a good decision.

Soon the sun is going down. Time to find a good spot for the night.

This was easy. The nature is so great that you can stop everywhere. Now we are drinking wine at the riverside and while thinking about the day we have to realize 210km in Georgia can be everything, but for sure not boring.

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