4WD olé

This day began like just about every other day on our journey. It was a day on which we got our little green home stuck once again.

The night we stayed in a National Park just above a little beautiful lake. The CooCoo and the sun woke us up in the morning and made us crawl out of our cozy bed. Still feeling a little dizzy from the previous day we headed of without breakfast. The first destination was the visitor center of the park as we missed to pay the entrance fee. So he told us we couldn’t stay overnight in the NP so we would have to find another spot. Okay we thought and headed off to the beach. The Caspian Sea is just 20km from here. A few km on the main road, followed by a small connection to the parallel road on the beach. We ended up on the small connector. It was a little muddy from the rain of the day before here and there. At one point of the track the little one slid just a little too deep into the tracks. So here we were, without breakfast and in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful landscape. Cattle, frogs, horses… everything on the spot. A tree to hook the winch to? Of course not! And of course I didn’t have an eye for the landscape. An hour after I got the shovel and the sandboards out, we eventually made it through.


After that we did have a quick breakfast and headed on right away as we wanted to spend the day on the beach. Black sand with white mussels and perfect temperatures were looking like the perfect day. As we found a quite decent spot on the beach it took the locals about 15 minutes to find us. Well, that was our relaxed quite beach day. A 5 hour marathon of having tea, showing and explaining the car, having sunflower weeds, hand-feet-language and Russian followed. After that we went to see a former crane manufacturing plant and of course had again some tea.

Anyway, we had a blast and met some really nice people that day. Even though it was anything but expected.

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