Just another letter

It was more or less exactly a half year ago when we told the social security system in germany that we are unemployed. For all who think others have to work for us… We didn’t get one cent and it even was not our intension. The thing is that it was helpful to quit some insurances and so safe our Ansprüche we had at the moment. Although it was strange to be there and explain why quit a good job while behind the wall is sitting Kevin* who lost his job the 5th time.


All that was a half year ago and so it is a three-quarter year ago when we told our companies that we will leave. Many asked if it isn’t strange to do this. Though, after you quit you job there is no way back. The company starts to find a new professional. The colleges try to accept that they will work a bit more in the next month. You don’t get new big projects, but try to finish the current ones as good as possible. Though to quit the job was only one of one hundred steps that had to be done bevor the journey could start. There were insurances to be quit and to be singed, doctors wanted to be visited, all our stuff needed a place and of course we had to care about the finances for the journey. To quit the job was only an other letter. Two sentences and it’s done. In our heads this step was done since month. You first start to think about it, when you have to say goodbye to the first colleges, start to clean up your table and walk the last time through the gate.


I had this experience to change the job already some years ago and know that it would be like always. You spend more time with you colleges than with your friends. With most of them you like working together, some you like less, some you like more. These you give a warm: “Good bye!”. Sadly there are only a few you hear anything after. That minimize the happiness of the coming on such days. Though, I was not afraid to lose a safe job. I’m sure we will find many interesting challenges in the future.


Today, a half year later, while travelling, it was worth to write this little letter to enjoy an other kind of stress now. Though, if the old colleges write an e-mail or call every once in a while or we can meet them then the positive aspects are much more.


On this way: Only the best for our former colleges!!!


*Name changed by the writer ;-)



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