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LO rooftop tent. In the cabin it is more comfortable thuogh...
LO rooftop tent. In the cabin it is more comfortable thuogh...

It is a pleasure for us to write the first guest article on saltedlife.org. Maybe the written word isn´t our best friend, pictures hopefully are. Since the 23rd of December we share our annual vacation with these two globetrotters in their green mobile home.



Like a cuckoo we occupied the main part of the LO. Jörg and Ann-Katrin moved to driver´s cab which we modified to a temporary two-person-bed. After Sweden, Slovenia and Alaska it isn´t our first trip together at similar conditions. An essential requirement to live together on 7sqm for 19 days.

Our journey started in Athens. Since we have left the city we traveled through Peleponnes Peninsula. You´ve already seen the pictures of our Christmas days. Selfmade turkey, potato lumps and red cabbage, swimming in the Adriatic sea, sun in the face and beer in the belly – how can Christmas get any better? We spent a couple of days close to Kilada, Argolis, took some rides in our canoe, bought some really fresh fish and worked on the car.


For New Year’s we headed to Nafplio, a city counting about 33.000 inhabitants. We have to admit: we kneeled down seeing Greeks drinking wine! Surprisingly the little city was down until one in the morning. All of a sudden all bars opened and we had a blast in the “Kontrabasso” till dawn. Considering the privacy of single persons we cannot present the legendary details of the night at this point. Due to the lack of transportability of the same individuals we spent another day in the city and climbed the 999 steps to the Palamidi fortress.

The next day we went on to see Tripolis and Sparta. A few ancient excavations, stalactite caves, really narrow roads and card game nights later we actually went on a “well marked” and “moderate” hiking trail close to Kalamata.


Largely unharmed we eventually got back to the truck and went on to the city of Kalamata. We took the chance to get our laundry done in the marina which was actually quite a relief for everyone. On a beautiful day with 20°C, excellent food and a lot of cute cats really everybody rediscovered their appetite for wine and beer.

After a short stop in the small town of Pylon we made our way back to Athens. The end of our stay coming closer we only spent one day in this stunning capital. Our last day we wanted to spend on the beach with cheese cake, beer and BBQ. Tomorrow we well be on our way back home.



Thank you guys for the beautiful, funny, kind of surprising, relaxing and adventurous days! It was a blast!

It ends like it ended.
Love, Sascha and Nicole

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