The vague country

Skadarsko lake Mausoleum Cetinje Montenegro
Lake Skadarsko from the mausoleum close to Cetinje

The vague country is beautiful but almost no one lives there. 600.000 people on an area of 14.000 km². 200.000 of them at the coastline, 200.000 in the capital. So the highlands of the backcountry are very rarely settled. 



The vague country lives from tourism but people aren’t very comunicative with strangers. The most spoken sentence at the tourist info centers were: „There is not much to do other than walking around.“ Then, walking arround you find amazing playgrounds and endless places to dream.



In the vague country the A7 an M7 replaced the Zastava Coral. A Chinese company builts the needed highway, while the train tracks have been closed in the 90’s already. It is hard to find any certain information about the gouvernment due to the fact that there is little freedom of journalism. The little information you find would be something like the president has been surveyed by Italy about cigarette smuggle.



The vague country was just recently invited to talk about NATO entrance. They don’t have more than 8 marine ships (2 of them are actually working), 0-6 helicopters (the web says 0, but we heared about 6 in the country) and a paramilitary police. Beeing in the NATO people think the EU will be a matter of time and resolve all problems within the next 5 years. We are not really surprised. Even if they are not a member of the EU yet, there are several projects finenced by the EU. Meanwhile it is very hard to register a producing company for the own population.


In the vague country the roads are all very good but our average speed is not more than 30km/h. You can find the 2. Largest canyon besides many other stunning canyons. Everywhere you go you will climb the 1000m altidute to instantly get back down to cross a little bridge. Additionally it is possible to get trough more than one season during one day. We spend some days in deep winter, golden autmn and little fresh summer.

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