A grey week

Up to now we were so lucky with the weather. The first 7 weeks we have been wearing just shorts, shirts and flipflops. In the middle of September the temperatures fell a little but we had only a few hours with of and then always sun right after. That’s why we were completely surprised by the grey week.


We realized that it will come when Maria and Chris visited us, but from the moment when they were gone it rained almost nonstop. “Almost” means: It didn’t stop for 5 minutes accept for only one really nice day.


1. day:

My parents will visit us next week in Bosnia and we are happy to spend the week only the two of us together. We decide to go back to Slovenia and watch bears. At the Kolpa river we find a nice spot to spend a relaxed rainy day in the truck. To sit in a dry place and hear the rain falling on the roof was always romantic.


2. day:

Jörg can’t sit anymore and decides to go out into the rain and talk to the neighbor. The neighbor will leave tomorrow due to the fact that the river will rise and flood the street.


3. day:

During the night the river really raised a lot and all other people had gone. Our truck can theoretically drive through 1m deep water and so we watch the water raising. It raises now 10cm in 1 hour and when it reaches the benches we also decided to leave.


4. day:

Due to the fact that all shoes are wet now, it is time to find the only water-resistant shoes we own. So we get the hikingshoes from the bottom of the deepest box we have – and then surprisingly it stops raining. We enjoy the sunny day at the Plitvica lakes and went off to enter Bosnia at the same evening… But they wouldn’t let us pass the border without a valid green insurance card – and right then it starts raining again.


5. day:

As I told, it is raining again. But at least the people from the insurance company are super friendly and send the insurance card within a few hours via express to Ivans Campsite (Camp Bear at the Plitvica lakes). Now we have to wait. We use the time and the infrastructure on a campsite to clean our clothes, to repair Johannas support and make some apple pie.


6. day:

Due to the rain it is cold now. I spend almost the whole day in the truck while Jörg becomes friends with the craftsmen who built Ivan’s BBQ-site. Become a friend means to drink a lot of schnaps and wine with them and so I find him two hours later a little bit drunk and have to drink with them by myself. This evening we don’t freeze anymore and sleep very early.


7. day:

I have to recognize that wet clothes don’t dry when it is raining even when there is a roof over them. So we have to start the first fire in our little wood oven. I’m very happy about that. I put the clothes everywhere in the truck and can move without freezing the whole day.


8. day:

Finally we can handle the life in the rain. We don’t care anymore about rainjackets and hikingshoes. Everything has more or less his place where it can dry during the night and we got enough wood to spend really relaxed evenings. Watch this – the sun comes back right now… and with the sun our insurancecard and many friendly and exiting people arrive at the campground.


9. day:

Looking back, the grey week wasn’t all that bad. Ivan and his wife are super nice. Besides all the stuff we shared during the week they gave us a lot of apples, nuts and snaps when we left. And there are these two Belgian guys who gave us a half pumpkin. At the Bosnian border they let us pass and we are prepared for the life on grey days now.


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