Your new job is to find a new job

…thats what you read first on the flyer you get from the jobcenter in germany. Once you lose or quit your job you are required to show up at the jobcenter and show you intention. There is no benefit, no financial halp or anything like that. Since the day we were at the jobcenter, 35 more passed without a minute we were bored.

After we left lake Garda in Italy we went to Verona to stop once again at a hardware store. While we were in town anyway we decided to visit the sity center. It truned out to be quitre difficult to park our truck. The only space high enough for our vehicle was the bus parking lot which was 10 bucks for the first 15 minutes, 25 for the first hour and 10€/h after that. So we ended up quite anoyed on a campround. The beatiful roman city centre including the famous arena and the neat little bar made up for the parking situation.

The city and the arena were quite amazing so we dicided to come back the other night with my parents to see Carmina Burana.


The next couple of days we spent together with my parents on a campground in Bibione, Italy. Busy as a bee we tried dirnk the ocean, had lots of coffee, put together our moped and did some work on the truck.  


Even if the campground was not quite our favorite, we had a blast with my parents. After about a week we diceded to leave them for a short trip to venice as we had already planned to see anorther friend there. So we anded up parkin in mestre going to city centre by train. We really enjoyed the city for just about 2 days. My memories to the city were not quite as good. My last visit to the city was aboiut 20 years ago with my parents. The summer was really hot that year and while we we were going through the channels with gondeliero a lady just opened her wnidow and through her garbage out. Thats what the city smelled like back than. Nowadays it is actually quite clean and the main routes have been reworked.


Actually we wanted to stay a little longer and see the boat race on Sunday. The next appointmet with a friand was coming up though.

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