finally on track

Actually I wanted to start our travel diary a little different but it always turns out different than you think. So this way I would like to thank germanies elite. Thanks you much you Alpha Kevins who broke into my truck and kicked off our headlight on the first day of our trip. Just try a little less next time. My friends Jimmy, Jacky und Johnny are going to hit you hard at one point of time.

Other than that we made it!!! We are on the road now for just about two days. We actually don't even know why it took us 2 days longer than planned but we just happy now. Clearing a house, a shop and a garden turns out to be quite a big deal. Plus we actually had two farwell parties with a total of way more than 100 guests. Without the great help of Turbo Torben, Kerstin and our Families it wouldn't have been possible. Thank you guys!


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