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Time is flying! Our trips is coming up very soon. Exactly 99 days from now we want to start our journey. To this occasion we want to publish our page and the right away our first blog entry!

It’s getting serious now. We both informed our employers a couple of months ago. Joerg quits working in a few weeks. Soon we will be able to move into our truck and head off. In Germany we say “You should always stop when it’s best!” So shortly we will move out of our tiny house in Worms (Yes, it’s spelled like the game) into our even smaller new home. Anybody interested?

Unlike expected the past days and months were quite normal. A few business trips for Joerg and a revision for Ann-Katrin -  business as usual! As we have planned this trip for quite some time we already went on a few trips with our truck. It has been working out good for us.


In April we had the chance to host the guys of Innkai. Thanks to the couchsurfing network they came to stay with us and even gave a private concert in our living room.


Thanks for the wonderful days. Soon we will not be able to host you guys IN our living room but we sure hope it wasn’t our last meeting!

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